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What Does SEMCU Do?

SEMCU is a non-profit mutual benefit organization dedicated to representing the interests of the residents, property owners, and businesses in the SEMCU Area. In representing local interests, SEMCU studies issues facing the community, such as access to water, transportation, schools, and energy, and works with local governments and private entities to find working solutions to regional problems. Additionally, SEMCU strives to advocate for its members wherever and whenever the opportunity arises and to obtain grant funding to help address area needs.

What is the SEMCU Area?


The South-East Madera County United, or “SEMCU” Area, covers the area of Madera County bounded on the north by Highway 145, on the south by the San Joaquin River, on the east by Highway 41, and on the west by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and by Avenue 32 1/2 north of its intersection with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

Why Should You Join SEMCU?

If you are a resident, landowner, or business owner in the SEMCU Area, you share common interests with SEMCU. Becoming a Board member of SEMCU will allow you to be a part of a collaborative group of individuals working for the benefit of the SEMCU Area and will give you the opportunity to have a say in how issues facing our area are handled.

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